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THE PLAN: As I began to think about how to propose to Ese, I knew two things for certain based on her personality – that she would like it to be a surprise, and that she would not like to be proposed to in a very public place . This meant that I had to propose to her at an unsuspicious time in a place where we might be on a normal day. So, the setting had to be not out of the ordinary, but it also had to be special and memorable at the same time. After considering a number of options, my decision was to take her out for a date on New Year’s Eve and propose to her while we are having dinner.


A huge part of my plan was to make it as unsuspicious as possible, so I decided that I was not going to make the New Year’s Eve dinner plans up-front in order for it to seem more spontaneous and less thought-out, and also to let Ese be part of the planning and decision process. So, I waited until the afternoon of New Year’s Eve before bringing up the idea of a date. I recall we were in the kitchen area at Ese’s place that afternoon having a chat about a few things including how good a year 2015 had been for us, then I casually brought up the idea that it would be nice for us to have a celebratory date. She thought a date was a great idea and we started looking for a restaurant. We called a bunch of places, but I steered her towards The Creperie, a french downtown restaurant, because of it’s romantic feel and I learned that they do have private areas suitable for proposals. I called to book the dinner reservation right-away while I was with Ese but I did not indicate then that I needed us to be seated in a private area. While I was on my way to prepare for the dinner, I made a second call to the restaurant and I let them know that I had plans for a proposal and that I needed us to be seated in a private area.


THE RESTAURANT: I had already purchased the ring four days prior without Ese knowing. I put the ring in the left pocket of my winter coat together with my hand gloves for disguise. We ordered a small diner that evening, we actually shared a meal since we had a heavy lunch. When we were almost done eating, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. On my way to the bathroom, I stopped by the reception and told our waitress about my plan and that I needed her help, she was very happy to assist. I told her that I was heading to the washroom and that five minutes after I return to the table, she should serve up a dessert plate with these words written using any syrup of her choice:


“Ese, will you marry me?”


I also gave the waitress my phone to take pictures of us while I proposed. It all went according to plan. Roughly five minutes after I returned to the table, I had picked up my conversation with Ese from where we stopped, but underneath I had my hands on the ring in my left coat pocket ready for the waiter’s arrival. The waiter appeared with a dessert plate held above her shoulder saying that she had a complimentary dessert for us. Ese was surprised since we didn’t order any desserts. As the waiter lowered the plate on to the table towards Ese, I took the ring case out of my pocket, got on one knee, and opened it, and I think the silly words that came out of my mouth were something like:


“I know I am not excited about cooking and I hate doing dishes but if you are willing to overlook my many flaws, I would love for you to be my wife. Ese will you marry me?”


Well, ….. she said YES!


Jeff Tokurah

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