Ese Edobor


“Ese is special. Apart from being the love of my life, my best friend, and my favourite person in the universe, she is one of the most lovely people you will ever meet. She is a bubble of happinness; she is the kind of person who instantly lights up a room without trying. She is also a very intelligent woman with a fascinating mind. Ese has a strong sense of values grounded in her undersanding of the will of God, which I found to be very remarkable for a young woman when I got to know her, this is perhaps what I find most alluring about her. I’m inspired by Ese’s commitment to the pursuit of God and her continuous drive to be a better person, and to reach the fullness of who God has made her to be” – Jeff


Ese is a music minister, a vocalist and a pianist. She is also a student of the bible and has a passion for assisting and developing young people to fulfill their potential especially in the area of spirituality. Ese is currently in the final year of her Sociology program at the University of Alberta.

Jeff Tokurah


“As the pyramids of Giza are to Egypt, so is Jeff to Me. This man is truly the wonder of my world and has been since the day I set my eyes on him (seriously, he had me at first sight lol), and now my soul is permanently altered. He is the most principled person I have ever met and for me his character is evidence of how the Word can raise a man. Jeff is a natural leader and his life is a model not just for me but many people who know him. Jeff is motivated by a commitment to God to build and then relentlessly pour himself into the people around him. Marrying a man this wonderful is the greatest proof of God’s love for me” – Ese


Jeff has a great passion for the maturity of the body of Christ especially through the teaching ministry and has been involved in establishing the Life Meetings platform.  He is a gifted musician with mastery of three musical instruments.  Jeff also works as a Software Engineer for a Communications Industry leader and loves to play and watch soccer.

The Wedding Ceremony


RCCG Rhema Chapel, Edmonton

12:00 PM

You are invited to join our families and church congregation to witness our joining in holy matrimony. It will be a very special moment for us and we would love to share the occassion with our family, friends and well wishers who have supported us over the years. The Church wedding ceremony will be open to all who wish to attend.

Boyles Street Plaza

4:00 PM

There will be a wedding reception after the Church service. Put on your dancing shoes with plenty of appetite; come prepared to laugh hard, sing, dance, eat and have lots of fun with us. Also, please note that the reception will be strictly by invitation and there will be no special accommodations for children.

The Reception



17 September 2016


A wide variety of mouth-watering traditional and contemporary dishes will be served along with assorted non-alcoholic beverages. If you would like to be accommodated for any dietary restrictions please let us know about it when you RSVP.

12 : 00 PM


The day will begin with the Church wedding ceremony. All guests are expected to be seated inside the Church before 12:00 PM to await the entrance of the bride.

2 : 00 PM


Immediately after the wedding ceremony ends at 2:00 PM, the couple and wedding party will have a 30-minute photo shoot at the Church premises with the ministers, the family of the bride and groom, and anyone who would like to take a photo with the couple.

2 : 30 PM


The photo shoot at the Church will end at 2:30 PM, and the couple and wedding party will depart for the location photo shoot.

3 : 40 PM


The location photo shoot will be concluded at 3:40 PM and the couple and wedding party will depart for the reception venue

4 : 00 PM


The wedding reception will begin at 4:00 PM with the entrance of the couple and wedding party.






‘Efeyaah my friend’ is my favorite way of addressing my twin sister who also happens to be my best friend. Efe and I have journeyed through life together and we have shared every experience from being born lool, to being mischievous teenagers, to becoming our adults selves. Coming to terms with the fact that I will be leaving her in Edmonton is by far the most challenging part of my preparations.


Efeyaah is the most easy going, loving, caring and generous person I know. Efe is the kind of person who just won’t quit. In her pursuit of God, her academics or other seemingly insurmountable problems or tasks, it does not matter how tough things get, she always finds a way to stand up and keep moving and pushing. She has an excellent spirit. Efe is also deeply compassionate and she is easily moved and concerned about the welfare of other people. She will be first to apologize in an argument and one to make sure that others are more comfortable than she is. I love Efe unconditionally and it really doesn’t matter where life takes us, our lives are forever intertwined.


Efe is currently a Physiology major at the University of Alberta. She is also a dancer and currently leads the One Spirit dance team at Rhema Chapel Edmonton.


Charis, Efe and I grew up together and a few years ago we decided to name ourselves “the three musketeers”. I know that the bond we share will last our lifetime. Charis is the embodiment of the Proverbs 17:17 “friend who loves at all times” but I have also come to find in her the “sister who is born for adversity”. I have had the privilege of watching Charis blossom into a strong woman with a heart that is in ceaseless pursuit of God. I have personally had countless teachable moments just watching her pray, talk or sit in quietness because of how much sincerity, wisdom and grace she exudes.


Charis is a nurturer. She may appear physically fragile but her soul is a giant. She is the one who wants to make sure that everybody is doing well. She is the friend who would organize the surprise party and make sure that the cake arrives on time. Charis is loving, thoughtful very sophisticated, also having the title of “musketeer with the most shoes”. Charis does not give her time to many things but she is relentlessly unapologetic about her God given convictions. Charis has a deep sense of awe and respect for God Almighty, and has gift of intercession for the Body of Christ.


Charis is currently working towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Alberta.


Tomi and I have been friends since we were teenagers, and at some point we started something like a singing group that still hasn’t quite taken off lol. Notwithstanding, I am confident that we will be still singing together many years from now, we may not win Grammy awards but that’s okay. If you come across Tomi in public, she is reserved and a woman of few words but there is this other Tomi who shows up at my apartment, who is witty, brilliant and has the most magnetic personality. To me this speaks a lot about the maturity of mind and spirit that Tomi has developed over the years and it is something that I greatly admire.


Tomi is undoubtedly the most discerning friend that I have. God has blessed her with a sharp intuitive ability that she uses to judge situations and people, she tries to understand why things happen. Sometimes I have to remind myself that she cannot see into my soul and it is this quality that makes it easy for people around her to trust and be vulnerable with her. She always responds in faith and with candor. Tomi is a true lover of the Lord Jesus and a devoted worshipper of God. Tomi is passionate about encouraging believers to keep fighting the good fight!


Tomi is a certified stylist/cosmetologist. She is currently working toward a degree in Psychology at Grant Macewan University.


“Titoooo” is one of my best friends. The way our hearts and spirits connect is amazing! Tito is one of the most internally motivated people I know. Back in school, observing Tito’s attitude towards academics, personal devotion and developing her talents used to make the rest of us go “ah God, see my mates!” Tito doesn’t even try; just watching her is enough conviction and lol!


In two words, Titobi is “Royal and Loyal”. Tito is extremely poised. I am yet to meet another woman with so much balance of spirit, mind, and body. She has such an elegant and graceful bearing that even her “crazy” moments are cultured to me lol. Tito is also the friend you could call at 3am (she was probably up studying anyway lol). I can’t count how many grocery and hair store trips we made in her car. Even when it is inconvenient, Tito would adjust her schedule to accommodate other people. The strength of Tito’s character is not mere dispositional tendency; it has come from committing herself to the tutelage of the Spirit. Tito is passionate about the Word. She is blessed with an anointed musical gift which she desires to use to honor God and the Body of Christ.


Titobi is an accountant and an Alumni of Grant MacEwan University


My life has not been the same since I ran into Danite! I think the reason I love Danni so much is because she is a lot like me. You know when you meet someone and they get you on every possible level because you have the same passions, struggles and joys. I soon got to find out how much soul energy she has. Danni is undoubtedly the realest, most unpretentious, quirky, goofy, honest friend I have. It is her free spirit that makes her so attractive.


Perhaps the thing that I find most irresistible about Danni is her large heart. Danni is a feeler, a giver and a lover. You could say something seemingly cliché and her reaction itself would speak more to me than said quote lol. Danni is like a cup of cold water on a hot day, immensely refreshing! It doesn’t matter how sad you are or how bad your day is going; she can ignite a spark in your heart just by walking into a room. Many times, I am completely mind blown at how easy it is for her to strike a conversation with anybody from a homeless person to important personalities. Danni is passionate, if she resolves to do something and she believes that God is leading her, it would take God Himself to stop her (lol) because Danni lives out of a place of depth and strong conviction.


Danni is currently completing her Honors degree in Political Science and Sociology at the University of Alberta, she is also a writer and blogger.




Having Bukunmi as my bestman is probably the least surprising element of the wedding; anyone close to me knows that he has been my life ‘best man’ for a number of years now. From serving together in the leadership of a church Young Adult group, to speending countless number of nights together in the Faculty of Engineering, to working together on a current ministry project, Bukunmi and I have been through so much together.


Bukunmi is eccentric; He is a well of energy and excitement, and doesn’t need a beat or a tune to start a party, all by himself if necessary, and when you think “he has been excited for too long, surely his energy must have been depleted by now”, you soon realise that he has only just begun. There are two attributes which I find most outstanding about Bukunmi, first is his heart of service and sacrifice; he has an unseeming way of putting others before himself that almost goes unnoticed. The second attribute is His absolute love for God and God’s word. He also has a very strong prophetic gift and his devotion to the life of the Spirit is nothing short of exemplary.


Bukunmi is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Manitoba.


The earliest memory I have of James is of both of us along with our siblings trying to figure out how to make the most sophisticated and intimidating paper firearm… Yes, that’s how young we were. We are first cousins and have known each other since we were kids but James is closer than a brother to me. There are a few people in your life who you are absolutely sure will be with you till the very end. James is one of such, not only because we are blood relatives but because we both share such a similar vision of life.


James is an epitome of gladness. He is the guy that always maintians a radiant smile on his face irrespective of the circumstance. James is probably the person I would most prefer to be stuck in a hard place with, not because of his physical strength as those who know him might agree, but because of the strength of his resolve, his resillience, and wisdom. James is a die hard follower of Christ and would give all that he has if required to bring as many people as possible into the knowledge of the truth.


James currently works as a Project Manager at an environmental services company in Edmonton


I knew and thought of Kelvin as my baby brother for so long until one day I woke up and realised that he now has a deeper voice than I do and that there are so many things I used to do for him which he now does a lot better than I can. So, I guess I can’t really call him my baby brother anymore even though I still have fond memories of staring at him and thinking “this is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen”. Kelvin has developed into a very brilliant, resourceful, and dynamic young man. I have come to find him as a tremendous source of strength and encouragement especially within our immediate family, and I couldn’t have hoped for a better brother.


Kelvin is one of the most internally motivated people I know. He is a true optimist and a possibilitist. He is the person who would not only see a light at the end of the tunnel but will also find a way to get there when everyone else sees nothing but darkness. He is a natural pacifier, a unifier and true people person. Although Kelvin is my younger brother, I see in him so much that I want to be. Kelvin is also deeply in love with Jesus and is moving with lightning pace towards attaining fullness in Christ.


Kelvin is an entreprenuer and an Information Technology Specialist based in Winnipeg.


There are a few people in life who you meet and form an instant connection with because there is something about them that makes you feel like you have known them for ages. Kayode made this impression on me. Although I didn’t get to meet him until less than four years ago, It seemed like our life paths were always meant to intersect. My friendship with Kayode is driven by a common passion for growth and development, and a desire to harness and maximize our gifts for the fulfilment of divine purpose.


Kayode is a perfectionist by nature, not the obnoxious kind, but the graceful kind that inspires and gets the best out of everyone around him. Before meeting Kayode I don’t think I had ever know anyone who is as incredibly serious and at the same time incredibly playful. I remember around when we had just met, coming out of a couple of days of serious conference meetings with him and other brethren and then attending a Children’s Christmas party the following Sunday evening where he had transformed into Santa Claus. Kayode is a total person, he is very smart and logical, but at the same time can share amazing testimonies in his faith walk that completely defies logic. Kayode loves God with all his heart and his appetite for spiritual knowledge is remarkable.


Kayode is a Geologist and an Alumni of the University of Alberta.


I remember vividly the first day I saw Holy. We were at a young adult conference and he stood to ask a question during a Q & A session which I was moderating. As soon as I heard him speak I knew we were going to be friends. It wasn’t his particular question that caught my attention, it was the underlying process of his mind and the spirit behind it that attracted me. I subsequently approached him to work with me as a member of our leadership team. Since then, Holy and I have built a strong friendshp and God has used him to be such a blessing and inspiration to me over the years.


Holy has an excellent spirit, perhaps this is what attractd me to him. His level of discipline and input especially from what I could see with his academics back then made me feel ashamed of myself sometimes. Holy is also a fun loving person, I remember us having several video game marathons back then when he would play to win as though his life depended on it. Beyond his academic exploits, Holy is a very simple guy who is so in love with Jesus and on fire that sometimes you feel like you are in a revival meeting just conversing with him. Holy also has a deep passion to see young people develop into true disciples of Christ.


Holy holds a Masters degree in Economics and is currently an Instructor at Columbia College in Vancouver

“ The best gift is your love, prayers, and support. Thank you! ”

- Ese & Jeff



We would like all of our family and friends to know that you have already given us the most valuable gift – your love, prayers and support. We have also made it posible for you to:


– give us a monetary gift online by making a secure transaction here for your desired gift amount, or


– choose a non-monetray gift from our gift registry at any of these select retailers. The Home Outfitters registry number is 400128919824.






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February 16, 2016

As I began to think about how to propose to Ese, I knew two things for certain based on her personality - that she would like it to be a surprise, and that she would not like to be proposed to in a very public place.




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